We are developing innovative topical-therapeutics
based on the DermiShuttle™

Lipolysis  |  Topical HA filler  |  Needle-free Botox  |  Seno-therapeutics

(Fat reduction)

 This is requires jumping over the dermis and reaching the fat layer, and requires several cargos to be mounted.‌ We are developing this by loading with active-component with a fat-reducing and inhibitor of adipocyte differentiation.

Topical HA filler

Deliver bio-materials to dermis, our primary consideration is to be the materials which used for injectable-derma fillers, such as Hyaluronic acids.

Needle-free Botox

It is a technology that enables Botox, a representative anti-aging procedure, through topical treatment.


A study on a technology capable of applying a recently developed for anti-aging drugs, that would be for Reverse-aging, Senolytics and Senomorphics.