What will we solve?

It can be understood only when it is concluded by 'Laws of nature',  it is almost impossible for us to take external substance inside through the skin.
However, most of skin problems occur in the dermis of the skin.
Dermis is the target of topical-therapeutics. However topical-drugs have not been reached to dermis due to SC (stratum corneum) and epidermis as known as a skin barrier. 
There have been many approaches to deliver dermis of cargo, but it is believed there is no technology so far. It may be because it does not penetrate only 0.1 mm of SC and epidermis as we know barrier.
We started from here.
SC and epidermis is not barrier, it is just an object to penetrate for us.

What is the limitation?

There are two different barriers, hydrophobic of SC and hydrophilic of epidermis. Moreover there is no intracelluar space in epidermis.
In order for a drug to be transferred to dermis, it must penetrate a SC and epidermis with which have opposite physicochemical properties. Moreover while SC has intracelluar space, the epidermis has little the space because it consists of living cells known as Keratinocytes.
Currently some of technologies can penetrate a part of SC layer, but it is not enough to penetrate the epidermis layer.

First-in-Class, ‌DermiShuttle
‌Revolutionary Dermal-Delivery Technology

We'd like to regard this as a revolution. This is because it is a discovery that goes beyond the 'Laws of nature' in the area of skin peneration.
We designed a completely different Dermal-Delivery Technology, called DermiShuttle.
It is a peptide-based liposome technology designed to deliver various therapeutic drugs to the dermis through topical-use.
‌We proved this through human skin models (cadaver skin), various cargo can be delivered by DermiShuttle.
Regardless of its physicochemical properties, range from small to large molecules, from hydrophobic to hydrophilic, even it is captured in particles, DermiShuttle can deliver it.

DermiShuttle, Leading the future of transdermal-delivery technology

The skin offers an accessible and convenient site for the administration of medications. 
To this end, the field of transdermal drug delivery, aimed at developing safe and efficacious means of delivering medications across the skin, has in the past and continues to garner much time and investment with the continuous advancement of new and innovative approaches.
However, there is no technology yet that has shown marked results in the field of skin delivery, and this is probably due to significantly 
lower dermal delivery rates, narrow scalability, or safety that can only be applied to certain drugs.
On the other hand, DermiShuttle technology will lead skin drug delivery technology in a new way that has not existed before.


DermiShuttle can incorporates therapeutic-compounds to enable more effective, hydrophilic, hydrophobic, nanoparticles.

02. SAFE

DermiShuttle is peptide-based technology that does not affect skin immunity.


DermiShuttle does not have covalent-bond between the cargo and carrier. In other words, scale-up is convenient because a single process is applied regardless of the properties of cargo.